Activity Reporter


Activity Reporter Software  v.

Activity Reporter is your key to safe workplace surveillance and improved structure productivity. It monitors each activity of a somebody and generates elaborate reports for a similar, thence permitting employers to stay tabs on their staff.

Child Monitoring Software  v.

Monitoring your child’s pc usage was ne'er really easy. Parental management Utility simplifies accountable parenting for you. This tool permits you to make sure safe browsing setting for your child.


Protegent Enterprise Security  v.2 1

Protegent Enterprise Security is an advanced security solution available for remotely managing the data security of a close knitted network.

Netwrix User Activity Video Reporter  v.1.008.149

Netwrix User Activity Video Reporter records dynamic screen activity, providing necessary auditing visibility to critical systems and applications that don't provide logs and therefore are not accessible through traditional auditing solutions.

Cyfin Reporter 8.7.2a  v.1.0

Cyfin Reporter is a log file analyzer that monitors employee Web activity and creates clear, categorized reports on Web usage.

Cyfin Reporter  v.8.1.0

A Useful Web Log Analyzer. Cyfin Reporter is a logfile analyzer that produces reports on employee Web access. It supports multiple logfile formats and locations while providing a clear view of workforces online activity. Give Cyfin Reporter a try to

Exchange Server Reporter  v.14.06.01

Lepide Exchange Reporter is an outstanding Exchange Server Reporter that aids administrators in ensuring complete email compliance in the organization. It provide reports like General Reports, Outlook Web Access reports, and Email Flow Reports.

Activity and Authentication Analyzer

Security software destined to comprehensive analysis of the user traces (evidences) left after work. AAAnalyzer allows user to search the traces left in system registry, edit registry keys related to the activity and authentication analysis, eradicate

Live Time and Activity Tracking Manager

Live Time and Activity Tracking Manager (TATMgr), functions: - Captures starting/ending of Tasks with a single intuitive mouse click - Display all your Tasks in an easy-to-ready hierarchical colored from (see below) - Saves all Task start/end

SourceSafe Reporter

SourceSafe Reporter - Report your Visual SourceSafe databases in XML, HTML, RTF and more. SourceSafe Reporter creates reports of your Microsoft Visual SourceSafe databases. Quickly and effectively report on projects, files, permissions, checkouts

The Complete Genealogy Reporter  v.2013

Create comprehensive narrative GEDCOM reports and books with fully cross-referenced texts, notes, media, and family tree diagrams. The Complete Genealogy Reporter can incorporate all cousins, aunts, uncles, and indirect relationships via marriage.

Sticker Activity Pages 2: Fantasy World  v.1.00.05

Find the correct stickers to complete scenes from medieval times in this second set of Sticker Activity Pages. With dozens of pages and hundreds of missing stickers to find, kids will have hours of fun while improving their matching skills.

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